Greater London Electoral Reform

In London, Labour has 12 seats more than its 2015 share of the vote warrants!

Under the Single Transferable Vote, the Conservatives would have had an extra 4 seats in London.

There were 845,700 wasted Conservative votes in London.  Every vote for a losing Conservative candidate counted for nothing.  Every vote for a winning Conservative MP giving a majority larger than a single vote counted for nothing.  These are votes that could be used to support Conservatives elsewhere.

The Electoral Reform Society called the General Election result in 49 of the region’s seats months before the election happened.

London abounds with Labour-dominated councils whose Labour leaders are scrutinised by Labour councillors – it’s not good for democracy and it’s not good for taxpayers!

Research conducted by Dr Mihály Fazekas from the University of Cambridge has demonstrated that in councils where more than two-thirds of the councillors are from the same party, regardless of which party, tend to be worse at securing procurement savings than electorally competitive councils.

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