Electoral reformers at conservative conference

We would like to thank all those who attended our electoral reform fringe event at the Conservative 2022 conference.

It was fantastic to be in Birmingham surrounded by fellow party members concerned about the future of our great democracy. We had a great turnout that filled the room with an engaging debate on electoral reform. A special thanks goes to the Conservative elected representatives who attended and the supporting organisations.

In Scotland and Wales, proportional representation has ensured that Conservative voters get Conservative representatives, when First Past the Post alone would have seen them sidelined and nationalists empowered. 

As the issue of electoral reform is gaining traction in the wider political agenda, it is more important than ever that a Conservative voice on electoral reform is heard.  Conservative Action for Electoral Reform is the only group that can do this.

We are looking to do more in the coming months, surveying MPs and councillors and holding meetings on the subject (there are more who are in favour of a fairer system than you may think) – but for this we need your help.

Could you tell your friends about CAER?

We want to know all the Conservatives who are open to a fairer voting system. If you or anybody you know is interested in supporting us, please subscribe through our website and share this article with them.

We believe in the Conservative vision: a fairer voting system is not only aligned with that but could help secure electoral success.

Keith Best
Chair, CAER

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  1. Cllr Christian Stevens says:

    Fully support electoral reform via the AMS system. Already in use for the GLA, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly – let’s roll it out UK wide for general elections.

  2. Keith Best says:

    Dear Christian

    Thank you for your support which we greatly appreciate. I am sure that there are many Conservative councillors who are favourable and we are hoping to get sufficient resources to be able to identify these more effectively. You make a good start! It is true that AMS is tried and proven in the ways you describe but so is STV in Northern Ireland and since 2007 in elections for Scottish councils. The question remains as to what system and on what constituency basis an elected House of Lords would be chosen – it would probably have to be different from the Commons. I look forward to you joining our discussions. Keith Best Chair CAER

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