How the Single Transferable Vote broke open Scotland’s one-party fiefdoms

Cllr Dave Dempsey

As part of the launch of the Electoral Reform Society’s report – Here to Stay: Two Decades of Proportional Representation in Britain – their Head of Communications Josiah Mortimer interviewed Conservative councillor Dave Dempsey – leader of the opposition on Fife Council, which is run by an SNP-Labour coalition. Cllr Dempsey is a keen supporter of proportional representation, in contrast to …

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The Case for Local Election PR and Directly Elected Mayors

Rahima Khan

Rahima Khan is the Conservative candidate Mayor for Newham. You can find out more on how to help her campaign on her website www.rahimakhan.com   In addition to the seven powerful regional mayoralties that exist in England, there are twenty-three directly-elected mayoralties across our boroughs and cities. London is unique in the fact that it not only has a regional …

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Four Reasons Conservatives Should Support Electoral Reform

First Past the Post

The Scottish Conservative Party conference happened last weekend, and one of the highlights for us was the launch of a new pamphlet, “Light Blue Ideas”, edited by Professor Alan Convery. Alan is a lecturer in politics at Edinburgh University, and has brought together a stellar cast of policy experts and academics to propose ways in which the Scottish Conservatives might modernise themselves …

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